The Tent. . .(A Halloween Story)

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The story takes place at around 10:30 p.m. The victims names have been blanked out to protect their identities. . . 

The boy ran, ran as fast as his feet could carry him. He and his friends had just got done trick-or-treating at the fairgrounds for their yearly Halloween 4-H campout. The oldest boy thought to himself. “I wonder how our Halloween scene is doing?”

The campers were all scheduled to make a are in their camp site for their Halloween trick-or-treat area. The boy and his friends were not aloud to go into the area until they were done trick-or-treating. Finally, the time had come.

As the boy ran he saw a what looked like a black rectangle. But, when he got closer is focused in that it was a huge black tent. Connected to smaller tents that where black. As the continued to run he saw there was white tent connected to one of the black tents. The boy, out of breath, stopped and waited for his friends to catch up. As they did, they too saw the mysterious white tent. When the boys left around 8:30, all they saw was a couple black sheets being thrown over some poles.  But this is nothing compared to what they saw.

“Come on! Let’s go in!” One of the boys shouted. “You sure about that?” another boy said.  The eldest boy looked over and stared.  He didn’t know who had said because of the darkness swallowing him whole, but he could have sworn it was his brothers friend.

“Yeh, it looks cool. What are ya? Chicken!” Now the boy KNEW that was his friend. The youngest boy replied in a fierce tone. “I am NOT chicken!”. “Look, are we going to go in or not?” The boy stared at his friend and answered. “Yes we are. So let’s go already!”

As the boys ran towards the tent, they heard some strange music playing off in the distance. “What is that?” the oldest boy thought. As they got closer, they realized that there was a huge line to enter the tent. “Oh, Man! This is gonna take, forever!” The boy’s friend admitted. As the boys reached the back of the line they saw that someone from their group was missing. “Where’s *****?”. The boys looked around to find that ***** was missing. The eldest boy ran around the tent to try and fiend his friend. As he returned to the front he told his friends that he couldn’t find him. Soon after a voice appears out of the distance. . .

“HEY GUYS!” It was *****. The boy who was missing. “Let’s just. . .come here!” The boys run towards the missing boy and attend to him. “Let’s just go through the back.” The boys agree and tiptoe through the entrance. As the turn left a muffled  scream sounds from inside a wooden coffin. the boys scream which alarms the two old women that are dressed up as witches in the left corner. “Get out! You can’t enter through here!” The boys are alarmed and run threw the curtain on the right. 

“Woah!” one of the boys shouted.  They had entered the white tent. “Its the white tent.” another boy said. Slowly they walked. Without realizing it they bumped into a horrifying masked figure. “Blahh! Woo wawawa!” the man screams. “Ahhhhh!” all the boys scream and run. As they try to escape the tent. A “BOO!” sounds from a wax figure. All the boys scream and the littlest boy falls down in horror.

The boys all run and enter the second to last black tent. As the three remaining kids attempt to escape the tent, a horrifying clown mask appears out of nowhere and scares the eldest boy. He falls and the other two other boys run as they enter the last tent. Suddenly, a hand reaches out and grabs the eldest boy’s friend. 

The last remaining boy runs and finally exits the tent. Facing the people in front of him that have been waiting in line yo enter the tent. They just stare at him then he turns around to see a pumpkin head monster growling at him. the boy screams and then is pulled back into the tent. “Muwahahahahahaha!” a voice sounds before the voice speaks. “This is a warning to you all. NEVER enter through the exit. And ALWAYS wait in line. Or this will happento you. Muwahahahahahahahaha!”


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The Cell

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     So my science teacher (Mrs.Huysman) wanted us to do make a model of a cell. We had a choice to make a plant cell or a animal cell. Then we had another choice to make the cell edible or non edible. I decided to make the non edible animal cell.  I chose the non edible because I got to make hand made clay parts, I got to cut out a quarter gap out of the cell, and paint it!

Below are the parts of the cell I made and included in my cell model and their definitions.

Parts of the Cell


1.) The Nucleus: Part of the cell that controls the activities of other cell parts.


2.) The Mitochondria: Organelles where food and oxygen react to release energy.


3.) The Ribosomes: Organelle that puts together proteins for the cell.


4.) The Chromosomes: String-like structure in the nucleus that carries information controlling all the cells activities.  


6.) The Endoplasmic Reticulum: Organelle that transports materials inside the cell.


7.) The Cell Membrane: Thin outer covering that holds the cell together. 


8.) The Cytoplasm: Clear jelly-like material that fills the space between the nucleus and the cell membrane


9.) The Vacuole: Sac-like organelle that used for storing materials.                                                                                                                                         

I used a 10 inch styrofoam ball and then cut a quarter of it out then put the clay hand made cell parts in the empty quarter gap. All-in-all the project took about 4 weeks counting making the parts and finding the base of the model, then making the video. But all the work finally payed off.

She also told us that she was going to record us doing our presentation.  Most of us weren’t expecting that.  But, I thought it would be a pretty cool thing to do.  As well as recording our presentation, she also gave us the opportunity to wear a science jacket and goggles.  Me (being the goofball that I am) decided to wear both of the Below is the video of my presentation.

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Halloween 4-H Camp out!

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Recently, or last weekend, I went to the Ross County Fairgrounds for a Halloween Camp out.  The 4-H Head Advisers have been doing this for many years.  Sadly, I didn’t get to go last year because I was at Florida.  You can read about the trip in “My Journey to Orlando” post.  But this year I got to go, and I even got to take Friday off during school!  I mean, who doesn’t want to miss school.

Friday I went to “BlockHedz Novelty Building Toys”.  You can read about that trip in “My Trip to BlockHedz/BrickFroge” post.  Later that day I went to have pizza at some restaurant.  I’m not sure what the name was?  But, I know the pizza was DELICIOUS!  I hope to go back there soon.  Later after that we returned to the camp ground to see that most of the other campers were getting set up. I designed characters with the stuff I got at BlockHedz (they looked amazing).  And also one of our friends at 4-H got to stay the night.

Saturday I had to wake up really early to go to mt art school.  You can read about that in the post “My Art School”.  I had to wake up around 7:30 because it takes me half-an-hour to get ready then an hour to drive to Columbus.  Then I have half-an-hour to draw or something.  When I got back to the camp ground around 2:00 or so.  My friends were already there ready to stay the night.  These were friends who I haven’t seen in a long time.  They stayed the night there and we also had a great time during Trick-or-Treating.  That was fun!  Except my feet hurt for a little bit from walking.  Trick-or-Trick started at 8:30 so it was really creepy.  When we got back we went in our trick-or-treat area.  A Trick-or-Treat area is when your group of 4-Her’s set up an area for trick-or-treating.  Our’s was a huge black and white tent.  Me and my friends went in it like fifty times.  And it was scary as heck!  Later, we went in our camper and went through our candy.  I didn’t feel so good after that.  But soon, I felt weird.  And I drifted off into a deep sleep. . .only to wake up again 15 minutes later.

Sunday we all got packed up and dropped off my friends, then went home.  I had a great time.  I hope to be able to go next year as well.

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If you read my “I Love To” post you will will realize that I have a YouTube Channel called Legoboy75200.  I’ve had the channel for about a year and I wanted to share one of my most prized videos that I put a lot of work into.  This video is called “The Adventures of Michael, Jake and Adam“.  This is a series I hoping too continue later on in the future.  I made this video with the help of my friends.  I couldn’t have made the video without the vocals of my buddy’s.  So without further ado.  Here’s the video!

Well, did you enjoy it?  If so, leave a comment!  And, if you have a YouTube channel and you  enjoyed this video, please, by all means, go ahead and hit the SUBSCRIBE button!  Be sure to come back later for some more video posts.  Well, thanks for taking the time to watch the video and read this post.  See-ya guys later!

I’m currently reading “The Scorch Trials”, the second book in The Maze Runner series by James Dashner.

The thing that really keeps me going is the ending to each chapter. Almost every ending has a sentence that just makes you want to keep going and read the next chapter.  For example, In one chapter James ending the chapter with. . .”Minho turned back to look at them. ‘See you shanks on the other side!’ Then he stepped through, and the wall of murk gray swallowed him whole” After that I definitely had to read the next chapter.

I can’t really explain the series, but each book is different, but it’s in the same story line. Does that make sense? All I can say is that the series is amazing and you definitely need to check this book out!

If you want a book with excitement, adrenaline, and some-what like zombies called Cranks, then James’ series is the thing for you!  Go to your nearest book store and get this book.

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My Trip to BlockHedz/BrickForge

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Recently I went to “BlockHedz Novelty Building Toys”  Otherwise know as “LEGO”  BlockHedz is a company that sells LEGO sets.  They also sell their own custom LEGO accessories.  Basically it’s two company’s in one store. In the front is BlockHedz.  In the back is. . .(pause for dramatic effect). . .BRICKFORGE.  That’s right.  BrickForge.  You know, that amazing place where you get your LEGO accessories.  They have a website online.  But their store is amazing!  I’ve been to that place two times and I’m thinking about going this winter for another visit.  The reason I go is because if you look in their window, you’ll see a little. . .no, BIG display.  i think they have a different one for every season.  I’ve seen the Summer and now the Halloween display.  All amazing.

The owner of both “BlockHedz” and “BrickForge” is Kyle.  He’s a really nice man.  His wife and kid’s are very polite as well.  Every time I go there there’s something nice they did for me.  The first time, Kyle gave my family and I a tour of the two stores.  To showing us where he takes his pictures for his website, to his collecting of LEGO’s.  That collection is huge!  He told us that sometimes people can bring in LEGO’s that they don’t want anymore, and he’ll collect them, or he will display them if the set is old enough.  I think maybe he also dismantles them or uses his gigantic collection of LEGO’s to build his window displays.  I also learned that Kyle’s buddy lives in Hong Kong where the factory’s is that makes the LEGO accessories, then the accessories are sent back to America where Kyle can get ready to pack orders.  That’s probably why it takes so long for a “Out-of-Stock” product to get back in-stock.

In the back of their store (BrickForge) they have three rows (front and back) of the LEGO accessories they make.  That’s a lot of accessories.  In the back right corner, they have a light-up set, where Kyle takes the pictures for his website.  I even got a glimpse of a new “Centaur” their releasing.  Shh. . .it’s a secret.  On the left is his collection of LEGO’s.  Again, it’s three rows long.  Front and back.  With the biggest tubs you can find.  That’s a lot of LEGO’s people.  And on the right is about 2 or 3 computers where Kyle and his employees work to design new products.  Kyle let me see what he was working on for the future. Hear’s what I saw. (right)

Now, call me a geek if you want, but I love LEGO.  So when I enter a store full of it, I don’t wanna leave.  I probably spent an hour or so stalling, trying to get some more LEGO in my brain.  And boy did I get enough. I got enough products there to last me a year.

Kyle’s wife was talking to me during my second visit and I told her that I had a blog and that I wanted to do a post about their store.  She thought it was a great idea and that she would put a link to this post on the BrickForge website.  I was shocked at this point.  I mean, I’m just a regular fan.  But, putting my post on BrickForge was so cool.  After that she went in the back of their store and she came back out with some decals.  She wanted me to advertise them on my blog.  That was even more amazing!  So I’ll be sure to make a post about that.

I just want to thank Kyle and his family for being so kind and offering to me during my visits.  I bet some people don’t often get a tour or a limited addition figure or a glimpse of a new product.  But I did and it was the best feeling ever.  Again, thanks Kyle, his wife, and his kids for being so nice and generous to me and my family.  I hope to go back soon for another visit at “BlockHedz Novelty building Toys”

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Hard Work is Key!

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This is an assignment based off of the latest post on The Reading Workshop and the Benchmark Test Scores on Study Island.  I also put a comment on the post.

Have you ever heard your mom or dad say “Take all the time your teacher gives you” or “Hard work will pay off eventually“?  Well, what they mean by that is they want you to take your time and not rush, and be the first one to finish a test or something that’s really important.  They don’t want you to be the first one to be done with a test and then get it back and then you realize you did horrible because you rushed.  They want you to take your time.

Here is the comment I posted on the form.

I totally agree with this post. My mom always said “Take all the time the teacher gives you.” and that’s true. The more time you take the better grade you’ll get.

If you were to ask me if I took my time, I would say that I try to take as much time as possible. But if you have a test that has only 5 questions or so, then I don’t really need to take that much time.

This post is 100% true. Take a look at the scores above. If you take a look at the kids who took less time, have a bad grade. But, if you look at the kids who took their time, have a good grade. So, take your time and you’ll do great!

If you were confused at all with what this post was about, click on the Reading Workshop link and look at the post entitled “Finish First and You Will Do the Worst”  That should explain everything.  Well, I hope you learned something from this post.  See-ya!

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