My Trip to BlockHedz/BrickForge

Posted: October 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Recently I went to “BlockHedz Novelty Building Toys”  Otherwise know as “LEGO”  BlockHedz is a company that sells LEGO sets.  They also sell their own custom LEGO accessories.  Basically it’s two company’s in one store. In the front is BlockHedz.  In the back is. . .(pause for dramatic effect). . .BRICKFORGE.  That’s right.  BrickForge.  You know, that amazing place where you get your LEGO accessories.  They have a website online.  But their store is amazing!  I’ve been to that place two times and I’m thinking about going this winter for another visit.  The reason I go is because if you look in their window, you’ll see a little. . .no, BIG display.  i think they have a different one for every season.  I’ve seen the Summer and now the Halloween display.  All amazing.

The owner of both “BlockHedz” and “BrickForge” is Kyle.  He’s a really nice man.  His wife and kid’s are very polite as well.  Every time I go there there’s something nice they did for me.  The first time, Kyle gave my family and I a tour of the two stores.  To showing us where he takes his pictures for his website, to his collecting of LEGO’s.  That collection is huge!  He told us that sometimes people can bring in LEGO’s that they don’t want anymore, and he’ll collect them, or he will display them if the set is old enough.  I think maybe he also dismantles them or uses his gigantic collection of LEGO’s to build his window displays.  I also learned that Kyle’s buddy lives in Hong Kong where the factory’s is that makes the LEGO accessories, then the accessories are sent back to America where Kyle can get ready to pack orders.  That’s probably why it takes so long for a “Out-of-Stock” product to get back in-stock.

In the back of their store (BrickForge) they have three rows (front and back) of the LEGO accessories they make.  That’s a lot of accessories.  In the back right corner, they have a light-up set, where Kyle takes the pictures for his website.  I even got a glimpse of a new “Centaur” their releasing.  Shh. . .it’s a secret.  On the left is his collection of LEGO’s.  Again, it’s three rows long.  Front and back.  With the biggest tubs you can find.  That’s a lot of LEGO’s people.  And on the right is about 2 or 3 computers where Kyle and his employees work to design new products.  Kyle let me see what he was working on for the future. Hear’s what I saw. (right)

Now, call me a geek if you want, but I love LEGO.  So when I enter a store full of it, I don’t wanna leave.  I probably spent an hour or so stalling, trying to get some more LEGO in my brain.  And boy did I get enough. I got enough products there to last me a year.

Kyle’s wife was talking to me during my second visit and I told her that I had a blog and that I wanted to do a post about their store.  She thought it was a great idea and that she would put a link to this post on the BrickForge website.  I was shocked at this point.  I mean, I’m just a regular fan.  But, putting my post on BrickForge was so cool.  After that she went in the back of their store and she came back out with some decals.  She wanted me to advertise them on my blog.  That was even more amazing!  So I’ll be sure to make a post about that.

I just want to thank Kyle and his family for being so kind and offering to me during my visits.  I bet some people don’t often get a tour or a limited addition figure or a glimpse of a new product.  But I did and it was the best feeling ever.  Again, thanks Kyle, his wife, and his kids for being so nice and generous to me and my family.  I hope to go back soon for another visit at “BlockHedz Novelty building Toys”

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  1. Mr. McGuire says:

    I am not really a LEGO guy but this place sounds so cool. I’ll bet just about anybody would enjoy looking around and checking out their two stores. Great post and thanks for sharing.

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